As an all-in-one platform, Knorish has been designed to be specifically a DIY (Do It Yourself) Platform. Hence, we have created a website theme library that ensures you are able to quickly create your website with the least amount of effort and especially without the need of a website developer or any technical know how.

Imp Note: When a new theme is installed, any previously installed themes will be uninstalled and all changes or customizations made on the site will be lost. In case there are certain pages which you wish to save, please save the HTML Codes of those pages onto a notepad separately and paste them on the new pages created by the new theme. 

So, here's how you can quickly create your website:

Login to your site. Once you login, you will reach the startup section. And also will see the Quick help guide pop up. Please watch the first video to get a fair idea of how to use the platform. 

Then, access the Theme section under the Website Builder in the Dashboard.

Once logged in, choose a theme that you like from the library by clicking on view. 

Once the theme is finalised, simply click on Install to install the site on your site

To complete the installation, on the pop up, click on Ok, Install. 

Once clicked, the theme will be installed. 

To check further on how to edit your site, read here: Edit Website