One of the biggest challenges that several trainers, coaches and consultants face is the managing of the logistics involved in conducting a live online webinar. Especially when the volume of participants is high. 

Imagine a scenario where you have 20 - 30 participants or worse hundreds. Emailing tens or hundreds of reminder emails, ensuring people login on time, sharing the link for Zoom session with all and so many other things are needed to be done to ensure a successful session. 

This is where, Knorish's live event feature can help solve that challenge. Be it a paid webinar/training/ session or free, you need solutions such as a landing page to share the webinar information, a payment gateway to collect payments if any, send out auto reminders about the session and more. You get all of these features integrated in one platform i.e Knorish.

Step 1: Live Event Setup

After you log in to your Knorish account and access the Dashboard, under courses you can create a new course and give it a name. Preferrably the name of the Webinar/ Live Event. 

Here, you can select Add Section and type in the name of the Section. Then as shown below, type in the name of chapter and select Live Event.


Once you click on 'Create Live Event', Enter the details of the session such as the Title, start & end date and time. Marked within the Blue box

The section marked above in pink is customisable. You could use to share a mesage with your live event participants before the session starts. 

In case you wish to customize this section, or even share any links on the message board here, you could click on Source (marked in green) and enter the HTML code for the same.

Note: A live event on Knorish can be conducted in two ways: Using YouTube Live Or Other Apps such as Zooms

To learn how to use Zoom for your live training/ events, read more here: Can I use Zoom calls with Knorish to conduct live events, training or Webinars? 

Next Step: Setting up YouTube Live

To learn in detail on how to sign up on YouTube Live and set up a youtube live session using Knorish, we have a detailed article on the same that will help you. Read more here: How to create a Live Event using YouTube Live