In this article, we will show you the different payment gateways available on Knorish and how you can use them to automate payment collection for paid online courses that you have launched on your site. 

Currently, on Knorish, there are 3 payment gateways available for use:

  1. RazorPay
  2. PayPal
  3. Stripe

All three payment gateways have their own features and benefits in their own way. 

For every new paid online course launched via your site on Knorish, our default payment gateways get integrated automatically as shown in the image below:

Payment Gateways Available On Knorish

INR PaymentsUSD PaymentsComments
Default Payment GatewaysRazorpay
PaypalOnce the course price is set, gateways get activated automatically.

IMP NOTE: Default payment gateways are pre-integrated and need no further action for enablement. Every paid course that is published on the platform is by default integrated with the default payment gateways. 

How To Use Your Own Payment Gateway Account 

In case you wish to use your own oayment gateway accounts, Knorish has the option available with Razorpay, Stripe and PayPal.

In order to integrate your Payment Gateway Account, sign in to your account and access the Integrations section, available under Settings in the Dashboard.

Every Payment Gateway has a similar integration process. All of them need a unique ID and an authorization key that is also known as Secret, Key Secret or Secret Key. Mentioned below is the Integration processes:

Paypal Payment Gateway Integration

How to obtain a Client ID and Secret for PayPal Payment Gateway Integration 

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration

How to obtain a Publishable Key or a Secret Key For Stripe Integration

To learn how to integrate razorpay on y0our knorish site, read the document linked below:

Razorpay Payment Gateway Integration

How to generate & locate Key ID & Key Secret on your Razorpay acount for payment gateway integration