When you are trying to create and sell an online course, you need three things:

  1. A website to host the details about the courses, its creators and other such details about the course. 
  2. An online course tool builder to build and launch your online course for your learners.
  3. A payment gateway to collect payments for the online course. 

As an all in one platform, Knorish provides all these three things and hundreds of other features. So you dont have to hire teams of developers to create these for you. You have all these readily available for you all under one platform.  

What is a Payment Gateway?

An online payment gateway is a tool that automatically connects your bank account to the platform. It's is a software or an application that authorises you to conduct online transactions through various payment modes. On Knorish, when you sign up and publish your courses, you automatically get the feature enabled. So you just have to update your bank account details, and as per the payout details applicable in your plan, the amounts will be transferred directly to your bank account. 

Payment Gateways Available On Knorish

INR PaymentsUSD PaymentsComments
Default Payment GatewaysRazorpay
PaypalOnce the course price is set, gateways get activated automatically.
Additional Payment Gateways AvailableRazorpay
Need to be integrated by accessing 'Integrations' under 'Settings' Section

How do you use the default payment Gateway provided available on Knorish?

A payment gateway is already enabled on every account by default. You can automatically start collecting payments via PayTm, other digital wallets, net banking, credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and other payment options available these days, be it from customers based in India or internationally. 

For Payments in INR, Knorish uses Razorpay as the default gateway. For INR and/or USD payments, paypal is also available by default. The choice is also available to users when they try to purchase your course.

As shown in the image above, during the checkout, a user has the option to choose between Razorpay and Paypal for INR payments. In case the amount is in dollars, the platform would automatically show PayPal as the option. 

Enabling the default payment gateway

Payment Gateways are only required for paid courses and are automatically bypassed for free courses. In order to enable the default payment gateway, you need to publish a paid course after entering the course pricing on the couse builder tool.

As shown in the image below, after uplaoding the course content, click on 'Next'

On the next page, scroll down to the section as shown below and enter the course price.


Once the course price is set, complete all othwer applicable details on this page and click on publish course. Anytime a paid course goes live, the default payment gateway is automatically enabled to ensure payment collection is automated. 

Once the course price is set and course is published, you are all set. Default payment gateway gets activated automatically. 

How to integrate other payment gateways

There are primarily three payment gateways available on Knorish. 

  1. RazorPay
  2. Stripe 
  3. Paypal

Article linked below shows how you can integrate these payment gateways on your knorish site:

How to integrate a custom payment gateway on my Knorish site?