This article goes over how Knorish online store owners, and course and content sellers (also known as publishers, creators, and online course) deal with Taxes in India with respect to revenue generated from Knorish course sales. 

Imp Note: Any sales price listed on your Knorish online store is automatically considered to be inclusive of all taxes applicable. 

Tax liabilities vary depending on the sources of income that exist currently for you or your enterprise, laws applicable in India or the country you are operating from, and many other such factors. As such, all sales generated via knorish online stores would have to be paid directly by the owner of the online store. This also means that if you're taking payment via Knorish's built-in payment checkout process, customers will be charged the price set in your pricing settings. As such, taxes are not automatically added or calculated when a learner check out or adds a course or content in their cart. Hence, when you sell any online course or content via Knorish, keep in mind that the price listed is by default considered as inclusive of any tax applicable and GST as well.

Points to be kept in mind:


  1. GST Invoices are available under Transactions section in the publisher dashboard as shown below. Do note that all GST invoices are generated on the 2nd day of every month automatically and can be downloaded from the GST Section.

  2. Our experts have no insights to your tax liabilities as an individual, business, enterprise or any other. As such, we would not be able to comment or support any queries regarding taxations, liabilities etc. besides the GST invoices that would be generated on the second of each month as stated above. 
  3. You can also check if your online courses or the online academy qualify for any government schemes that exempt certain institutions from taxes.