Don't have time to read the instructions, watch this quick instructional video on how to grant access to your team members on your Knorish account:

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How to share specific access with users on your site?

On the Knorish platform, there are specific roles that can be assigned to team members based on their roles. By assigning specific roles, you can limit the access to an individual and control the access to certain functionalities as well. 

There are several options and combinations available on the platform for this purpose. The Identity & Access controls are bifurcated in two main roles i.e. Instructor and Editor.


As the names explain, the Instructor level access will allow a user to create new courses, give access to courses that he/she created or was assigned. Additionally, do note that with course access, the user can also access course-related content including users, assessments and reviews as well.

An Editor level access gives the user access to allow new page creation and access to pages that he/she had created or was assigned.

Identity & Access Management

In order to share access, simply login to your Knorish account, and access the Identity and Access Page. 

Once on this page, simply add the details of the person who has to be given the access including Full Name, Email ID and the Password. Then select what kind of access you would like to share with the person based on the choices available. 

So in case, you wish to provide access to only the current courses available on your account for maintenance and upgradation, or for access to course-related content including users, assessments and reviews etc., under the instructor option, select the option 'Make him an Instructor'.

In case you need to provide access to the site, specific pages, permission to publish, unpublish pages or the entire site, then under Editor, 

  • Select - Give page editing rights option
  • Select all the pages you want to give access to
  • and select 'Give him page publish and unpublish permissions'

Additionally, if you wish to provide the entire site's management access, select the option - 'Give him site management permission'

Finally, select the 'send an invitation mail to create a new password'. Once the user logs in with the link, they will have the requisite access as needed.