Student Invoices

When a student purchases your online course, an automatic email is sent to the student's registered email ID which has the Invoice in it. 

To view the same, access the dashboard. Under the dashboard, click on Settings >> Templates.  On this page, you would see multiple options. From the first dropdown, i.e Select Template, select 'Invoice To Student Download'. 


Once you select this option, then change the subject line. Once done, under the template body, you would notice several variables listed. Mentioned below are these variables and what they mean:

  1. {{organizationlogo}} - this will return organization logo link
  2. {{invoicepaidunpaid}} - this will return 'Paid' or 'Unpaid' invoice
  3. {{invoicetoname}} - this will return the full name of the user who purchased the course
  4. {{invoicetoaddress}} - this will return billing address, billing city, billing state and billing country separated by white space
  5. {{invoicedate}} - this will return date when the user had made the payment
  6. {{invoicenumber}} - this will return order number
  7. {{payableamount}} - this will return currency type and payable amount separated by white space
  8. {{productnames}} - this will return course name
  9. {{paymentbreakup}} - this will return payment breakup includes discount, GST information and payable amount in HTML format
  10. {{organizationname}} - this will return organization name
  11. {{organizationaddress}} - this will return address, state, and country separated by white space

Each variable checks the logic in the software and simply 'returns' a value. Simply put what this means is that each variable will fetch a data point as clearly understood from the variable name. {{organizationlogo}} will show the logo, {{invoicedate}} the date when the user made the payment and so forth. Do take a moment to go through the list mentioned above to understand the variables. 

Note: All of these variables listed above can be changed. 

To change the invoice, simply change the variables or their placement as per your needs. To test the same, click on 'Send Sample' which would push an email to your registered publisher email ID as well. Once done, simply click on 'Save Changes'.