In this article, we will show you how to add custom pop ups on your Knorish Site. Pop Ups generally are used to capture email IDs for leads generation and future email and digital marketing. 

To create a custom pop up, you would need to sign up on Mailchimp and create a custom pop up for your self. Once done, you can then add the code for the custom pop up from mail chimp to the specific section on any of your landing page. 

IMP NOTE: Any page you want the pop up to show up on, you would need to choose the section where you want the pop up to show up on and then add the code there. 

Here's how you can enable this

Step 1: Create the Custom Pop Ups

To do this, here's a quick link from Mailchimp on how to create the Custom Pop Up: 

Step 2: Generating/ Saving the code

Once the pop up is created, click on Generate Code/ View Code at the bottom of the screen and copy the code. Once done, simply click on the Publish button to save it. 

Note: Under Display on Mailchimp, you can choose immediate, after 10 seconds etc. Or Choose the exit option. Which is where the pop up will show up when someone tries to move away from the Site. You can choose the diplay option that best suits your need. 

Step 3: Adding the code to your site

Adding the code to your site is very simple. Simply head on to the page where you want the pop up to be displayed which usually is on the landing page. 

To add the code, follow the steps below:

Login to your site and enter edit mode. Then on the landing page, go to the section at which point you want the pop up to show up. 

Here, click on the blue icon. 

Imp Note: you need basic HTML knowledge to enable this section. Else read the next few instructions very carefully before pasting the pop up code here.   


When you click on the Blue Icon, this pop up box will appear. 

Just before the line that says </div>, paste your pop up code from mailchimp account. 

(Copy code from mailchimp as shown below)

Then simply paste the code here as shown below:

Once done, simply click on Ok and click save on the bottom of the screen.

OPen the link in incognito/private mode and you would see the pop up show up based on the display settings selected while creating the pop up.

How to delete / update the pop up

Anytime you wish to delete, disable or update the pop up, create the code on Mailchimp and simply paste it here to update the same. Else  you can simply delete the code to remove the pop up.