This article goes over how to add Call To Action buttons and how to enable them for various actions on your Knorish Site

Call To Action Buttons

Every website needs a Call to Action button that allows users to perform the designated actions you need them to. It could be to sign up on your course, log in to your online academy, sign up for membership and much more. 


CTA Buttons Library

All call to action buttons are listed under the Call To Action Section in the Snippet Panel. 

To Access the Panel, login to your Knorish Account and head on to the landing page by either clicking on 'Knorish' or on the 'Build Website' Button as shown above. 

Once on the site page, click on the arrow to access the snippet panel located on the right of the page. From the drop-down located at the top, select Call To Action to reveal the options available.  

Primarily there are three types of call to action buttons:

Image, Heading Text & CTA Button: This snippet has a large image, a heading, and subheading with the call to action button at the end. Generally, a large size snippet, what this does is that it gives a complete package to complete a section.  

Heading Text and CTA Button: With just the heading and paragraph text, this snipper takes up less space and brings the attention directly to the text and its context. 

CTA Button: Just a CTA button and nothing else. In Case you already have what you needed and just need to add a CTA button, this snippet can help.

How To Add CTA (Call To Action) Buttons

Creating or editing a Knorish account site is super simple. So to add a CTA buton to your site, you simply need to access the snippet panel and on the right side of the page, select the Call To Action option from the drop down menu. 

From the wide range of CTA snippets shown there, simply click on any and drag and drop it to the secton where you need the CTA Button. In case you dont find a suitable CTA button or just need a CTA Button and not the extra content that has been made available in the snippets, follow these steps:

Drag and drop the snippet in which you like the CTA Button

Now as shown in the image above, select tge text portion to reveal the side panel on the left. Click on the Orange X Button to delete the text bits. Delete everything that you dont need and should you wish you can even keep only the button here. 

Want the button to be aligned left?

Click on the button and then on the blue <> button. 

In the area marked, instead of center, type in left to left align the button. 

And the button will be aligned left. 

How To Edit Button Links

Button links are easy to change. Just follow the steps below:


Then in the pop up that appears, select link type. Here you get three options:

  1. Go To Page
    • This Option can be chosen if you want the button to link another page to it. This means, when a visitor clicks on this button, the page you are linking here will open. It could be a page that exists on the website or an external page. 
  2. Select Link
    • If the page you are tyring to connect this button to is on your website already, simply select the page from the drop down. 
    • When you select the page, the link of the page gets pasted under 'link' on its own.  
    • In case the page is an external link - leave this space blank then and move to the next section.
  3. Link
    • If an internal link is to be used, the link is auto pasted when you select the page from select link. 
    • For external links, simply paste the external link here and leave the select link section blank. 
  4. Text
    • The text that shows on the Button you have selected. Write the text here that will display on the site.
  5. Title
    • This is used when you want the name of the button to be visible as a pop up when the mouse hovers on the button. If this is not required, you may leave this blank.

Explained: Uses & Redirects

Redirect to Another Page on Knorish Account Site: 

In case you wish the button to redirect the user to another page such as the course page, under select link type: select 'Go to Page', then under select link, select the page you wish the button to redirect the user to.

Redirect to Another Site:

In order to redirect the user to another site, under select link type: select 'Go to Page', then under 'Link' copy paste the external URL or website page link and press OK. Remember to select New Window to ensure that the new page opens on a new tab and your knorish site is still open on the primary tab.