In this article, we share with you the difference between a section and a chapter and how you can use them to create a well structured course.

Sections and Chapters: The Difference

A well structured course gives the clarity of thought and progress not just to the students but to the course creators as well. In order to add content to your Knorish Online Course, you need to add sections and chapters using the course builder. 

A Section is a group of chapters combined together with each chapter containing pieces of information in it including videos, Virtual Reality Videos, PREZIs, PPTs, PDFs, word documents, excel sheets, live webinar videos, and much more. 

Create A Section

Creating a Section is simple.

1. Login to your Knorish Acocount

2. Access the dashboard and under courses, access the course list. 

3. Choose the course you want to create the section in. 

4. Then click on the Course Builder icon, as shown below to access the course builder.

Under curriculum, simply type in the name of the first section. The newly added section will now appear on the curriculum page.

Create A Chapter

To create a new chapter in a section, click on the Add Chapter button:

To rearrange chapters within a course, simply drag the chapter to place it in the desired order as per your needs.