A course completion certificate is a great way to reward your course participants and add authenticity to your course. This article shows how to create course completion certificates for your courses. Once a student completes any course on your site, the platform can automatically issue a course completion certificate. Should you wish, each course completion certificate can also come with with a unique QR code which can be scanned to verify the completion of the course. There are several certificate templates available that you can choose from or create a custom designed certificate. 

Accessing the Course Certificate Settings Page

There are two simple ways to access the course certificate settings page

1. Through Course Settings in an invidiual course curriculum section


You can access the course certificate settings page via the Course Curriculum Section. Here click on 'Settings' as shown above and then scroll to the bottom of the page to access the Certificate Download section.

Click on allow certificate download and then on 'Click Here' which is next to the 'To Customize Certificate

2. From the course settings section

You can also reach this section from the course settings section - Access the dashboard, select Courses, and then as shown in the image click on the Course Name.  

After clicking on the Course Name, you would reach the course settings. Scroll down the page to access Course Certificate Settings. 


Choosing a certificate Template

To enable this feature, in the Knorish Account dashboard, access Course settings under Course list and complete the details listed on the page:

  • Certificate download allowed - should be turned on
  • Author name on certificate
  • Author designation on certificate
  • Logo on certificate
  • Signature on certificate

Once done, from the list of the certificate templates available, choose a certificate that you like. 

To create your own custom certificate, read this FAQ: Creating Course Completion Certificates 

Additionally, you would need to ensure the logos for the site, user dashboard, Site favicon and especially the emailer and certificate are also updated to ensure that the certificate is generated with your brand logo. 

Note: The logo colors should be such that the logo does not become non-visible due to similar colors. For example, a white logo on a white certificate etc.