A course completion certificate is a great way to reward your course participants and add authenticity to your course. This article shows how to create course completion certificates for your courses.


A course completion certificate is an auto feature on Knorish. Once the course participant completes the course, if enabled, the platform auto generates the course completion certificate with a unique QR code which can be scanned to verify the completion of the course. 

Creating a Certificate

To enable this feature, in the Knorish Account dashboard, access Course settings under Course list and complete the details listed on the page i.e. 

  1. Author name on certificate
  2. Author designation on certificate
  3. Course language
  4. Certificate download allowed - should be turned on
  5. Signature on certificate
  6. Checkout redirect

Additionally, you would need to ensure the logos for the site, user dashboard, Site favicon and especially the emailer and certificate are also updated to ensure that the certificate is generated with your brand logo. Do note that since the certificate background is white in color, the logo has to be a nonwhite logo to ensure it is visible on the certificate.

The same can be accessed from the link on the course settings page as shown below:

While other details must also be completed. the above listed are required for the certificates to be auto-generated with all the relevant details.

Note: Once the course is successfully completed by a course participant, Knorish automatically generates the Course Completion Certificate for the students complete with a QR code that can be scanned anytime for verification via your Knorish Account.