This Article shows how to use the course settings page to enhance the user experience with course completion certificates, pricing your courses, and much more. 


By default, the course settings page is assigned to each course that you create with Knorish. This page allows you to create a Course Completion Certificate  complete with:

  • Author Name on Certificate
  • Author Designation on Certificate
  • Whether Certificate Download is allowed or not
  • Signature on Certificate

Additionally, under course settings, you can also select

  • Course Language
  • Course Reader Level
  • Course Price In Indian Rupees
  • Course Price In USD
  • If The Course Is A Featured Course Or Not
  • Whether Course Should Be Visible To Public
  • Course Categories
  • Set Course Expiry In Days
  • Checkout Redirect
  • Design Course Page

Finally, you can also publish the Course once all the above listed are completed. So let's take a quick look on how to do this:

Course Settings


Access Course List under 'course' in the Dashboard of your Knorish Account. To gain access to course settings, you can simply click on the 'Details' Icon under the course card.

Under the course details page, click on settings to access the course settings page

Once on the landing page, you can quickly make changes to your course as required and publish the course

  1. Course Image: Change the image for your course, click on the + sign and select a suitable image from your PC/Desktop/laptop. 
  2. Author Name: To be mentioned on the certificate, simply type in the name keeping the first initial in capitals and the name would be autosaved.
  3. Author Designation: Once again, keeping the first letters capital, simply type in the name and the detail would be autosaved. 
  4. Course Language: Currently, you have the option to choose the course language in English or Hindi.
  5. Course Reader Level: Set the reading level based on the course content as Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced
  6. Certificate Download: Set the certificate download option to on of off. If you turn this option off, this course will not provide certificate download to users.
  7. Signature on certificate: Upload an image of your signature to add more authenticity to your course certificate. 

  8. INR Price: One key benefit with Knorish Platform is that depending upon the user's location the pricing can be shown automatically in INR or in USD. To set price in INR simply type in the INR Value.
  9. USD Price: Additionally, do mention the price in USD as well to ensure that your course pricing is visible to international users in USD for ease of payment.  
  10. Visible To Public: If you turn this option off, the course will not be visible in the featured course list or in the course library.
  11. Featured course: Use this feature to make the course available on the Page Builder to be used in the featured course list.
  12. Course Categories: In case you have multiple courses, bifurcating them in categories would be a great Idea. This feature lets you do just that.
  13. Set course expiry in days: If you wish, you could also set up an expiry date for your course. In case you don't wish to set a course expiry date, enter the Value as 0.
  14. Checkout redirect: A great feature that ensures the course learners can start viewing your course immediately post completion of the purchase.
  15. Design Course Page: Click on this button to quickly design your course page, complete with course details such as pricing, curriculum, benefits, call to action buttons and much more. 
  16. Publish Course:  Once all the above listed are complete, click on 'Publish Course' to take your online course live.