Live Events For Your Online Course

A live event or a webinar is a great way to increase engagement, answer questions from your audience and it adds great value to your online course as you may get the opportunity to discuss certain aspects about the course topic which may not have been discussed in the course. At the same time, every webinar that you have already done is a great fodder for adding content in your course. 

A live event on Knorish is enabled via an embed code from your YouTube Live account. Additionally, if you already have a list of learners enrolled in the course, creating a live event via Knorish would allow you to automatically send an individual templatized email to all your learners. With this feature, you no longer need an expensive webinar software to do webinars and then import that content into your online course separately. It all gets done in a sequence with a simple video code embed.

Setting Up Your YouTube Live Account

Before you can create a YouTube Live event from Knorish, you need to setup an account. Once you create your YouTube Live account, you would need to setup the account details. Once the account is set, simply click on Create Channel to access your YouTube Live Account.

Click on Get Started, on the next screen, you would be prompted to verify your account by entering the country you are located in and the method for the verification code delivery. Once verified, YouTube requests 24 hours to activate your account. 

Post 24 hours, once the account is live, you can simply click on Events to schedule a new event and fill in the details of the live event such as Title, when you want to conduct the live event, start and end time as well. You can even change the timezone for the event should you need. Once done, fill in the details for description and the tags you need for the video. Tags will help you later on keep a track of the video and helps easily find the right video should there be too many videos in your channel later on. Click on Create Event to schedule the event.

Additionally, make sure to select the video as unlisted. Ideally, when you list a video as unlisted, this would ensure the video does not show up on regular YouTube Searches or suggestions. Keeping the video public may lead to the video being shown in YouTube Searches and suggestions. 

Create Your Live Event on Knorish

Once the event is created on YouTube, you would need the Embed Code for the Scheduled Live Event's Video. Simply click on The video Thumbnail which would take you to the video screen as shown below. From here, the process to get the embed code remains standard as on YouTube. Here's a quick grab of how to do it yourself.

Once you have copied the embed code, simply head back to your Knorish Site Dashboard, type in the section name and the chapter name.  

Create a new section and the chapter as well. As seen in the image above, simply click on live event and select 'Create Live Event'

On the next Screen, as shown above, change the name of the Live Event under Title, Select the date and time for starting & ending the event with the time zone. do make sure that the time selected on the YouTube Event matches the details here including the time zone. Under embed code, simply copy paste the YouTube Video embed code that you got from the YouTube Live Event.

Email Notifications

Email notifications is a nice feature that Knorish has. The live event feature also allows you to send a pre-set email at a particular date and time of your choice to all your course participants who have signed up. The preset email would then be automatically sent to all the users at the preset time date and time.