Creating Assessments For Your Online Course 


Assessments are a powerful tool to understand the amount of content your learners have understood. Additionally, it validates your course as well. Based on the data of performance, you could look at which sections may be need further tweaks to ensure learners retain maximum information. If on certain questions learners consistently perform below expectations, you could then look at the content in that section and tweak it or explain better. 


Before You Begin

The Assessment builder allows you to create objective and Subjective questions with each with its own pros and cons. While Objective questions are primarily binary in nature such as Yes/No, True/False or Single choice/Multiple Choice Questions, Subjective Questions need detailed answers which could be a one line answer or a paragraph based. 


At the same time, Objective questions allow the user to complete the assessment with the results being published immediately and if a certificate of completion is enabled with the course, the certificate would also be generated at the same time. On the other hand, Subjective questions need further intervention from the course publisher to check each subjective question's answer and hence, until the answer is graded, the platform would neither generate a certificate of completion nor the result of the assessment. 


Creating Assessments


To create an assessment, simply login to your course builder, under the section, type in the name of the Assessment, then click on 'Assessment' and on 'Create Assessment' to begin. 




Once you click on 'Create Assessment', a new window shall open up. This is the 'Assessment Builder'. To Start, simply type in the description of the assessment and select which question type you need: Objective or Subjective.



Objective Questions



To start building your assessment, simply click on 'Add Objective Question', type in the question and select 'Add Option'. 



You can add as many choices as you like and also select the options that are the correct options as per the answer. To select the right options, simply click on the empty tick boxes to highlight the option as the right choice. Additionally, you could also add an image or a video for more information or to create more complex questions. The number of options you select here will be recorded as the right answers. In case the course participant does not select all the right options, the question would be marked as incorrect. Learners need to select all the correct options as the platform will consider it as an incomplete answer. 


A sample question has been shown below utilizing the images as options. To add the images, simply click on the image icon and select the file from your system by clicking on 'Select Media'. 




To add Videos, simply click on the camera icon. On the next screen, you would be prompted for the video embed code. You can embed Videos from YouTube or Vimeo. A quick video on how to grab video embed codes from YouTube and Vimeo have been shown below for your reference. 


How To Copy Vimeo Embed Code


 How To Copy YouTube Embed Code


Using the Video Embed Code On Knorish

Simply copy paste the embed code and click on 'Embed Code' option. 


Once all the images or videos have been added, you can also add a Hint option should you choose. Once done, simply add the number of marks assigned to the question. Simply add all the questions you wish to create as part of the assessment and click 'Save & Close' located at the bottom of the screen.


Subjective Questions


Subjective questions are long form answers that would need additional input from the publisher/assessor to review the answers. To add a subjective question, simply click on 'Add Subjective Question', type in your question and add the marks as necessary. Should you wish, you could also add a hint for the answer.




Once all the questions have been added, simply add the passing marks, no of attempts allowed and choose if you wish the questions to be shuffled or not. Once done, simply click on Save & Close and your assessment would be ready.