Embedding Videos From YouTube/ Vimeo and others

Videos maximize engagement for a learner. Online courses that are primarily video based do better as compared to others that don't. Embedding videos in your online course with Knorish is extremely easy. You can either add videos from your desktop/PC/laptop or embed videos directly from YouTube/ Vimeo. To learn how to add videos from your system, you can read Add Videos To Your Online Course.

Embed Videos On Knorish For Your Online Course

While embedding videos from YouTube/ Vimeo is pretty, always make sure that by embedding you are not violating YouTube copyrights. At the time of righting this article, YouTube's Copyrights Policy states that embedding a video does not violate the copyright. However, be sure to check before you start embedding. One way to ensure this is to reach out to the creator of the videos and ask for permission. 

To embed videos, simply access the course builder, and click on Embedded. This functionality can be used for YouTube/ Vimeo Videos and even Prezi presentations as well. 

To find the embed code for a video, head on to YouTube to locate the video you want to embed. Simply click on the Share Button to open the embed prompt as shown below. 

When you click on the Share button, a pop up would open, simply select Start at 0:00 and Show player controls as shown in the image above. Click Copy to copy the embed code and paste it in the section and click on Embed Content as shown below. 

Once done, simply click on Save & Exit. You can also preview how the video would appear by clicking on Preview Course as shown below.

Once done, you can then continue building your course by uploading other content or simply complete the course details page on the settings page.