Building an online course with Knorish's course builder is super easy. In fact once you have the content and the course outline/structure ready, you have the option to add mp4, mkv, avi, or flv videos from your computer/PC/Laptop, documents such as PDF, doc, excel, or PPT, embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo or other sites that allow video embedding, and even create a live webinar event with YouTube Live as well. You can even create assessments in your course at multiple sections during the course to check for learners' understanding, ensure higher engagement levels and a thorough understanding of the concepts. You can even create your own certificate complete with your logo and signature which is automatically issued to a learner on course completion. 

Creating a Course

Here's a quick short video on how to quickly build your course

Additionally, here are the step by step instructions to create and publish your online course.

After you create your Knorish account, once you access the publisher dashboard, you would see the 8 different cards under Startup that show the steps that you need to take to complete the launch of your online school/academy. Create your first course is the first card in the list. However, you don’t need to do this right away. Should you choose, you can build your website first and always come back later to create your first course—or add additional courses—at any time.

To create a course on your school:

In the publisher dashboard, you can start creating your course by clicking on 'Create Course'. Additionally, you can also click on 'course list' under Course to start creating your new course.  

Simply click on new course, enter the name of the new course and click 'create'. Once you get the success message, simply click on the 'Go To Course Creator' to start building your course.

In order to start building your course, simply click on 'Add Section', and type the name of the Section. Under each section, you can add videos, add documents, embed videos create live events, and even create assessments.

Adding Videos From Your PC/Laptop/Desktop: Know More

Adding Documents From Your PC/Laptop/Desktop: Know More

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Create Assessments To Your Online Course: 
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Once you go through all these steps listed above, your course shall be ready for publishing. The steps listed above share step by step details on how to add video from your system, PDFs, PPTs & other documents from your system, embed videos & prezi presentations from the web, live events & webinars for your online course, & finally assessments as well.