Videos are a great way to increase the engagement levels in your online course. Knorish's online course platform allows you to either add videos that are saved in your computer/PC/Laptop or even embed them YouTube/Vimeo or other sites that allow video embedding in other sites.

Adding Videos from your PC/Laptop

To add videos to your course, simply login to your Knorish account, access publisher dashboard and under the listed courses, click on the course builder icon. 

After you have written down the name of the chapter, in order to add a video to your online course , simply follow the next set of instructions. 

After you have written down the name of the chapter, if you wish to add a video to the course that can be done as well. Under Video, simply click on the 'Add Video File' Button and select the video from the saved location in your computer and click 'Open'.

Once you click on add video file, simply select and add the Video File from your computer. 

Note: This feature is not available on free plans and is available on professional and power plans. In case you need to use this feature,  you can either upgrade your plan. or you can simply use the embed a video option to embed a video from YouTube, Vimeo or any other site that allows video embeds. 

To learn how to embed a video: Embedding A Video