How to Sign In and Access Your Site!

Once you have created an account on Knorish, you can Sign In to your site by following the mentioned below steps:

  • When you first log in to Knorish, post signup, the platform allows you to continue further by clicking on ‘Continue to Website’ as shown below:

In case you do not remember the direct link, you can also

  • Check for the welcome email in your inbox of the Email ID used to signup on the platform. Click on the link and go to your Site URL. If you are not sure what that is, see Creating an Account.

  • Else, you can also click Sign In at the top right of your site.

  • Enter your email address and password and then Sign In.

  • Once you are logged in, to reach your account site, you can either

    1. Click on KNORISH on the top left of the page to reach your site or

    2. Click on the icon (next to your account name) to reveal the drop-down list: Home Page, Profile, Logout. Here, click on Home Page, or 

    3. On the top right of the page, click on the person icon and click on Home

Your Knorish Site - A Quick Guide

Every course or a bundle of courses that you sell through Knorish will have its own landing page. You can even use this functionality to build your own complete site for this purpose. A landing page is the most crucial aspect of the sales process and must leave no doubt in the minds of prospective leads whether they should participate. 

This is why our quick drag and drop functionality in the site builder allows you to create stunning sites with preset sections which you just have to select, drag, drop and modify with thoughtfully crafted content that will help you convert leads to customers. 

A quick look!

Every Knorish account is given a default landing page design with various sections already built in place. You may keep the ones you like and delete the ones you don’t need. There is no fixed number of how many sections you should keep and completely depends on your requirements. 

To make any edits in the landing page, simply click on the EDIT button on the top middle of the landing page.


Once you click on ‘Edit’, the landing page becomes ready for editing and you would notice that the EDIT button has disappeared, making way for PREVIEW and X Button at the top middle of the page. At the same time, the ‘blocks’ panel opens up automatically as shown below for reference. 

To learn how to edit the landing page here’s a quick video you can watch:

You can also view this video and other short tutorials by clicking on the red ? icon on the bottom left of the page.

Page Editing Tools

Blocks Panel

As shown above, these are preset configurations of different content styles listed under categories based upon usage such as: 

  • Title, 

  • Title and Subtitle

  • Heading Paragraph

  • Paragraph

  • Images & Caption

  • Images

  • Single Image

  • Call to Action

  • List

  • Quotes

  • Profile

  • Map

  • Social 

  • Pricing

  • Team Profile

  • How It Works

  • Skills

and much more

Edit Tool for changes in the Section

At the bottom of the screen, these 4 icons allow you to make changes to the selected section. 

1. Camera Icon: Allows you to change the background image of the section. Note that in the interest of ensuring that the page loads fast. Heavy images tend to slow down the page loading rate which impacts overall SEO rating and therefore google ranking.


2. Settings Icon: The box settings button allows you to change

  • Background: to the default image, light plain background, grey plain background, dark or a color of your specific choice. 

  • Content Style: Allows you to change the text in the box to light or dark color, align the text left, center or right and finally, increase or reduce the transparency of the text for visual impact.

  • Content Size: Allows you to increase the box size for the content. Choices range from default, 380px, 500px to 1920px. You also get an option for auto size by clicking on AUTO. 

  • Content Position: Allows you to move your content in a particular direction, increase spacing on the edges on the top and bottom as well. 

  • Image: The last option in the list, Image allows you to make changes to the background image. Add an overlay in white, black or a color of your choice. Click on ‘Not Set’ to remove any or all overlay settings. You can also add transparency to the overlay to add a visual effect or select ‘None’ to delete the overlay changes. You can also use the ‘Ken Burns’ effect which adds a zoom-in effect when the viewer first reaches this section. A great effect for visual impact.

3. Section Settings: 

This option allows you to move the section to the top or the bottom of the page, or simply move the section up or down in the order. Additionally, you can adjust the overall height of the section as per your design needs. At the same time, you can modify the container margin as well from 0px to 150px.

  • You can also create a Scroll Icon in light or dark form to guide the users on the page as well. 

4. Delete Icon: The fourth icon Icon on the list is the Delete Icon which can be used to simply deletes the entire section. In case done in error, please do not click ‘save’ button and simply hit ‘Preview’ and then click on ‘edit’ to retrieve the section. Please note that CTRL+Z will not retrieve the section. 

Text Tool for changes in Text in the Section

To make any changes to existing content, simply double click on the text to start. Once you do that, the custom edit panel next to the box (marked in blue) and the Text Edit Tool (marked in red), both appear on the left allowing for various changes.

Custom Edit Panel

  1. Move - The first ‘green’ icon allows you to move the text box on the page on any section. Do note that you do not have to change the size of the text box when moved to a new section as it automatically takes up the size of the text box in the new section.

  2. Code - With the Code icon, you can access the  HTML code panel to enter a custom code into the box. 

  3. Clone - The + icon allows you to clone the text box and create another text box which you may use to place similar text, images or videos. 

  4. Delete - The orange X button allows you to delete the text box from the section. 

Text Edit Tool

The text Edit tool has the below-listed options available for editing:

  1. Bold

  2. Italics

  3. Font Formatting - Underline, Strikethrough, Superscript, Subscript, and Uppercase

  4. Text Settings - Increase/reduce font size, letter spacing, line height and reset option

  5. Color - allows you to change the font color

  6. Font - Choose from more than 100 fonts to fit your style

  7. Heading - Allows you to select the Heading Style.

    Important Note: Ensure to have the landing page heading in H1 only. This is a required Search Engine Optimization and ranking practice. Without this, your site may not be able to rank highly on Google and other search engines.

  8. Alignment - Alignment tab allows you left, right or center align the text or spread it across the section as Justified text. 

  9. List - A great tool in case you wish to highlight content with bullet points.

  10. Tables - In case you need to insert a table, simply click on the table tab and select the type you need

  11. Image Tab - Simply drag and drop an image on the popup window or click to browse a specific image within the section. 

    Note: this tab is only for placing images with the text and not for the Background Image. To change the background image, click on ‘Camera Icon’ at the bottom of the section.

  12. Link & Remove Link Tabs: To add or remove any hyperlink on to a text, click on these tabs. 

To add the hyperlink, once you click on the Link tab, on the popup window, simply copy paste the link under the link. In case you wish to change the text on which the link should appear, simply change the text. In case you wish that the page connected to the link should open in a new window, select New Window and click ‘Ok’. 

  1. Icon Tab: Allows you to add a variety of icons from the list.

  2. Erase: In case you wish to remove all formatting from specific content, simply select the text and click on erase. Once the formatting is erased, it cannot be undone.

Adding/Deleting Sections

Knorish offers a complete list of sections that can be used to modify your website as per your needs. 

Add A New Section

When looking to add a new section, simply click on the +Section button to reveal the section options available. With over 31 different sections available, the choices are varied depending upon the type of content you need to place.


As seen in the screenshot below, users have the choice to select from a wide variety of sections, with each serving a unique purpose. Here’s the list of the functionality from the top row to the bottom:


Section 1: A section with an image option that covers the entire section and has a placeholder for Text Heading and Subheading. 

Section 2: A text-only section which does not have a full-size image option. You can place heading and subheading text here. If you select this section, you would not be able to add an image in the background. 

Sections 3 & 4: These sections allow the site creator to add a background image on the side panel as seen in the sections. You have the option to add text on the other panel in the sections. Shown below is a comparison between the pre and post of how this section can be used. 

                                                Pre                                                                                            Post

Sections 5 & 6: These sections allow an image in the background and then allows you to create separate headings and subheadings on each of the panels. 

Sections 7 & 8: For content styles where you need to show multiple images in the background, sections 7 & 8 have been created specifically for those situations. Section 7 allows three images while 8 allows the placement of two background images. You can also add a heading and other text on each of the panels.  

Section 9: This is a section with a simple image background and a text box with a grey overlay for highlighting the text in the box. 

Section 10: In case you need a slider to showcase multiple images, you can use this section. Keep in mind that the background image should not be more than 1MB in size. This has been kept so to ensure a fast page loading speed and better google SEO ranking. Note that in this section, only the images change and text remains the same. 

Sections 11 & 12: Another variation of the slider sections, these sections allow for images to be shown in one half of the section with a text on top that doesn’t change while the other section is used to highlight headings and other text. 

Section 13: A simple slider section with no text. Great for showcasing high-quality images. 

Sections 14 & 15: This is another set of slider sections wherein the text is only allowed on the other half while the image holder has no text option in its default form. You can always add the text section

Sections 16 - 21: These sections have the option to play a video with a play button added on top. Additional options can be used as per the sections available which include text and HTML coding combinations.

Sections 22 - 27: In case you require custom coding on your pages, we have the sections 22 - 27 for the same with combinations for text and code placements. 

Section 28: A standard section with a slight modification - A call to action button. In case you don’t want the hassle of creating a section from scratch with a call to action button, one can use this section. 

Section 29: After publishing your course, the course curriculum section automatically places the content curriculum once the section is added to a page. A great section to use that saves time. You can edit the contents of the section later as well. 

Section 30: The second last in the list, the section autoplays a video in the background which can be simply added by pasting a new video link.

Once you add the section, simply click on the coding icon highlighted below:

On the next screen look for the highlighted text and simply paste the new video link to change the video in the background. 

Section 31: Dynamic Course Card Section is a recent addition based on popular feedback. The card automatically lists your courses in a nice course card format which eliminates the need to design course cards. The images on the card will be based on the ones you have selected at the time of naming the cards.

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