Freshdesk Integration - A Complete Guide

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that enables companies of all sizes to provide great customer service. It is a customer support software that helps you cater to your customers through its platform. As a ticket management software, Freshdesk is Intuitive, feature-rich and an affordable customer support software. The platform has multiple pricing options, however, if you wish to use it primarily for email ticketing, creating a knowledge base/FAQs for your students, and for basic team collaboration, it's Sprout Plan should be more than enough for your needs. To view the other plans in detail with a detailed feature list, you can view the plans here: Freshdesk Pricing

How To Integrate Freshdesk's Ticket Management Tool With Knorish

Sign up on Freshdesk

In order to sign up on Freshdesk, simply visit Freshdesk pricing and choose the plan as per your requirements. 

On the next screen, fill in your details and sign up. Once logged in, click on your Profile Picture on the top right and select "Profile Settings"

Note: The API key will be displayed only when the account is verified

To complete the integration, simply log in to your Knorish account, and access your Publisher dashboard. Under settings, once you click on Integrations, you would see the Freshdesk integration section as shown below:

Simply mention your Freshdesk Domain and copy-paste the API Key here. Once done, you would get the pop up notification of integration success and Freshdesk integration section would change as shown below

You can reset the API Key anytime to deauthorize Knorish from connecting to your helpdesk. However, when you do so, it may disconnect from all other non-knorish apps that were using this key to connect to the helpdesk as well. You will need to provide the new key to the other apps to continue using them again. 

Once the integration is complete, you would be able to view queries from your Freshdesk CRM account directly.